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Year-End Reflection 2022

Year-end self reflection can be a scary thing. Could that be why tradition has dictated that we imbibe on New Year's Eve? So we can hide on the stage of celebration gathering false courage to forge ahead? Maybe we just need a release. Maybe we just need to have fun.

Going into 2023, I have decided to work on my watercolor skills. Oof. Never been easy for me, that watercolor medium. My eyes always come out huge, my face longer than it already is, little exaggerations of the real real. You see, Pluto and Venus fall in Virgo in the third house in my natal chart. Lots of astrology-talk for I analyze EVERYTHING and then I over-work it until it feels perfect, even if it's im. You just cannot overwork watercolor. You will fail miserably. And so, this is my lesson for the New Year: to go easy on myself, to show what's on the inside, even if it IS a deer in the headlights. Even if it's scary. Maybe we all need a little of this. Or, maybe we just need some watercolor lessons. May our year forward be full of productive self-reflection and lots and lots of color. Let's go be the humans we were meant to be, and have some fun doing it.

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