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About Fridakello Designs

I’m a multi-media artist, living my best creative life in the remote high desert of New
Mexico. Can you tell I LOVE color? I do. I need color, nature, astrology and the Moon
in my life to be a happy camper. That’s why it shows up in my art. I’ve been an artist all
of my life, but that hasn’t stopped me from some other fun vocations! Like the time I
was a courier for racehorse semen. How many people get to use the word “semen” in
their “About Me?” I’ve been a secretary, a sign painter, a paint-your-own pottery studio
owner, an art gallery owner, a server, a cook, a restaurant manager, a canine resort
caretaker, and oh, there was that stint I did as a security officer...
I love creating, however, living simply in a small habitation keeps me from hoarding. Let
me share some of it with you! May you joyfully find a colorful something that I can
liberate into your world! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or

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